Compagnon depuis 2009

Curriculum  Vitae

Name:        Tzyy-Yuan  SHANN  (單子元)

Date of Birth: 1 May 1948  

Nationality: Chinese 

Academic Record

1967-1973            National Defense Medical Center

    1. 1972-1973 Veterans General Hospital (Internship)


1982 Sept.-1983 May        Hospital Ambroise Pare, Paris, France

                                           (Prof. Jean-Claude Patel)

                                            Hospital Paul Brousse,Paris, France

                                            (Prof.Henri Bismuth)

1984 April-1984 Oct.         University of Pittsburgh, USA

                                            (Prof.T. Starzl)


1996 March-1996 June       Hospital Paul Brousse, Paris, France

                                             (Prof. Henri Bismuth)

Employment History

1973-1974            Army Service (Doctor, Surgeon)

1974-1976            Chia-Yi Veterans General Hospital (Residency)

1976-1980            Department of Surgery, Veterans General Hospital        



1980-1981           Department of Surgery, Veterans General Hospital

 (Chief Residency)



1981-1989            Department of Surgery, Veterans General Hospital

 (Attending Surgeon)


1989-1992             Tung’s General Hospital (Chief of Department of    Surgery)


1992-1994             Tung’s General Hospital (Medical Director )


1994-1996             Wei- Gong Memorial Hospital 

                            (Vice Superintendent  )


1996-2000             Wei- Gong Memorial Hospital (Superintendent )

2000-2002             Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital (Consultant )


2002-2008             National Yang- Ming Medical University  Hospital           

                               (General Secretary and head of  Department

                              Of Surgery)

2008-                    National Yang- Ming Medical University Hospital 


                              Wei Gong Hospital (Board)