Compagnon depuis 1988

Jean C. Emond
Date of Preparation:     Dec 15, 2018
Personal Data
Birthplace:                             El Pao, Venezuela
Citizenship:                United States of America
Academic Training
College:                                   University of Chicago, IL
Medical School:                      University of Chicago,
                                                Pritzker School of Medicine July 1979        (M.D.)
Internship:                             University of Illinois, Chicago IL
General Surgery Cook County Hospital
July 1979- July 1980
Residency:                              University of Illinois, Chicago IL
General Surgery, Cook County Hospital
July 1980-July 1984
Fellowship:                 Hòpital Paul Brousse, Université de
Paris Sud Villejuif, France
Hepatobiliary Surgery
July 1984-July 1985
Fellowship:                 University of Chicago, Chicago IL
Liver Transplantation
July 1985-July 1987
Management training:          Management Institute for Clinical Chiefs
                                                Columbia School of Public Health
                                                Sept and Nov.  1998
Board Certification
National Board of Medical Examiners   June 1980
Professional Organization and Societies
American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases 1988
American College of Surgeons – Fellow 1989
American Society of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery Founding Member
American Society of Transplant Surgeons 1987
Association for Academic Surgery 1988
Compagnons Hepato-Biliaire 1988
Howard C. Naffziger Surgical Society 1992
International Hepato-Biliary Pancreatic Association 1988
International Liver Transplantation Society 2000
Pacific Coast Surgical Association 1993
San Francisco Surgical Society 1992
Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract 1993
Societé International de Chirurgie 1990
Society of University Surgeons 1993
Warren H. Cole Society 1987
American Surgical Association 2002
University Appointments
Executive Director of Transplantation Initiative, Columbia University and The New York Presbyterian Hospital.  June 2007-present.
Vice Chair for Operations and Quality, Department of Surgery  Feb04-June/07.
Vice Chair and Chief of Transplantation Services, Department of Surgery  May 01-present.
Thomas S. Zimmer Professor of Reconstructive Surgery Endowed Chair Jan 2000.
Professor of Surgery (Tenure awarded) Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.   July 97.
Professor of Surgery in Pediatrics. Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons  Jan 99.
Adjunct Professor of Surgery. The Joan and Sanford Weill School of Medicine.  Cornell University.   Sept 98 –present
Associate Professor in Residence, Department of Surgery, University of California, San Francisco.  July 1992-June 1997.
Visiting Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital.  October 1992.
Visiting Associate Professor of Surgery.  University of California, San Diego 1993
Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, July 1987-June1992.
Hospital Appointments
Visiting Professor of Hepatobiliary Surgery Chinese PLA General Hospital Beijing China.  2013-2016
Medical Director Transplant Service Line, Columbia University,
The New York Presbyterian Hospital Sept 1998-present.
Surgical Director, Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation
The New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York
July 1997 – Jan 2004.
Division Chief, Liver Surgery and Transplantation
Columbia-University Medical Center
New York, New York July 1997-June 2005.
Consultant in Liver Transplantation
Northwestern University Medical Center and the Childrens’
Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL   July 1997-June1998
Director, Pediatric Liver Transplantation: University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California  July 1992-June 1997
Transplant Surgeon:  California Pacific Medical Center
San Francisco, California  July 1995-June 1997
Director, Liver Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Surgery
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois July 1991-June 1992
Ray and Joan Kroc Travelling Scholarship
Eleanor B. Pillsbury Fellowship
French Government Post-Graduate Scholarship
Fulbright Travel Grant for International Study
Andrew Mellon Young Faculty Member
PEW Scholars Program-University of Chicago nominee
Honorary Faculty Member AOA
Named in The Best Doctors in America
Woodward/White, Inc.  1994-
Best Doctors in New York  (New York Magazine)1998-
Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2000
Doctor of the Year,  Latino Organization for liver awareness 2000
Physician Honoree,  TRIO Manhattan 2005.
Physician of the Year, American Liver Foundation 2013
Departmental and University Service
University of Chicago
Alumni Class Director, 1979-1992
Department of Surgery Quality Assurance Committee, 1992
Department of Surgery Resident Review Committee, 1989-1992
Medical Records Committee, 1990-1992
Academic Affairs – Ad Hoc Review Committee for appointments promotions 1992-1997.
Donor Council –California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN), 1992-1997.
NIH Liver Center Executive Committee, 1995-1997
Course Director for Surgery (3rdyear clerkship), 1993-1997
Residency Recruitment Committee, Department of Surgery, 1995-1997
Residency Coordination and Review Committee (RCRC)
Department of Surgery, 1995-1997
Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
Hepatitis C Steering Committee Rockefeller University, 1997-1998
Leadership Committee Department of Surgery, 1997-present
Executive Transplant Committee, 1997-present
Internal GI Review Division Committee, 1997- 1998
Pediatric Surgery Chief, Search Committee 1998
Surgical Oncology Search Committee, Chair 1998.
Associate Program Director for Education   1998-2000
Vascular Surgery Search Committee 2000
Psychiatry Chair Search Committee 2002
Faculty practice organization: Space committee 2004
Faculty practice organization: Medical liability committee 2004.
FPO:  Disclosure subcommittee: Chair 2005.
Microbiology Chair:  Search Committee 2007
Pediatrics Chair:  Search Committee 2007
Psychiatry Chair: Search Committee 2007
Ad Hoc Committee on Scientific misconduct 2010
Academy of Clinical Mentoring and Excellence 2016.
Chair, Search Committee Department of Emergency Medicine 2017
Teaching:  UCSF
Course Director, General Surgery Clerkship, 1994-1997
Instructor, General Surgery Clerkship, 1994-1997
Instructor, Clinical Surgery Liver Transplantation, 1992-1997
Instructor, Clinical Research in Surgery, 1992-1997
Instructor, General Surgery Staff Conf. Surgery, 1992-1997
Instructor, Clinical Surgery, 1992-1997
Instructor, Clinical Surgery, 1992-1997
Clinical  liver transplant fellows:
Trainee                                  Year/Institution                  Current Position
Dale Rouch, M.D.                   1987/U.Chicago                    Director, Liver Transplant Program
Methodist Hospital, Indiananapolis, IN
James Mayes, M.D.    1987/U.Chicago                    Associate Professor of Surgery, Case
Western University, Cleveland, OH
Steve Woodle, M.D.   1988/U.Chicago                    Professor of Surgery
                                                                                                Univ of Cincinnati
Daniel Cherqui, M.D.1988/U.Chicago                    Director, Liver Transplant Program
Hòpital Henri Mondor Paris, France
Thomas Heffron, M.D.          1989/U.Chicago                    Associate Professor of Surgery;
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Ginny Bumgardner, 1993/UCSF                            Faculty
M.D., Ph.D.                                                                             Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Lisa Florence, M.D.    1994/UCSF                            Transplant Surgeon, Swedish Hospital
Seattle, WA
Susan Orloff, M.D.     1993-95/UCSF                                  Faculty
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland, OR
Michael Wachs, M.D.1993-95/UCSF                      Assistant Professor of Surgery;
University of Colorado
Golden, CO
Chris Freise, M.D.      1994-96/UCSF                                  Professor of Surgery
Robert Osorio, M.D.  1995-97/UCSF                      Clinical Professor of Surgery
As Program Director:
Larry Stevens, M.D.   1990-91/U.Chicago  Transplant Surgeon, Methodist;
Hospital, Indiananapolis, IN
James Piper, M.D.      1990-91/U.Chicago  Director, Liver Transplant Program
INOVA Maryland
Eric Kortz, M.D.                     1991/U.Chicago                    Transplant & General Surgeon Porter
Memorial Hospital, Denver, CO
Luis Arrazola MD      2000/ Columbia                    Faculty Surgeon
                                                                                                Johns Hopkins 2001-04
Michael Marvin                     2001/Columbia                    Chief Transplantation
                                                                                                Geisinger clinic
John Allendorf                       2003                                       Assistant Prof of Surgery
Columbia 2003-2012
Sarah Bellemare                    2003                                       Assistant Prof of Surgery
                                                                                                Montefiore Medical Center
Raghu Varadarajan   2005                                       Transplant Surgeon India
Anand Khakar                       2005                                       Liver transplant program director
Apollo Hospital,  Chennai, IN
Michael Goldstein      2005                                       Director of Renal Transplantation
                                                                                                University of Miami.  2012-2015.
James Guarrera                     2006                                       Associate Prof of Surgery Columbia U
Benjamin Samstein   2006                                       Associate Prof of Surgery Cornell U
Abrar Khan                2007                                       Transplant Program Director (Emirates)
Rodriguo Sandoval    2007                                       Assistant Prof of Surgery Columbia U
Jason Rolls                              2009                                       Assistant Prof  E. Carolina U
Peter Witkowski                    2009                                       Assistant Prof  U. of Chicago
Shakir Hussein                        2009                                       Advanced fellow in Intestinal
                                                                                                Transplantation U. Pittsburgh
Jang Jeon                                2009                                       Associate Professor of Surgery                                                                                                        Hallym U. Seoul, S. Korea
Thalis Krystophides  2009                                       Registrar Leeds U  UK
Vaughn Whittaker     2010                                       Assistant Clinical Professor,
                                                                                                Roosevelt/St. Lukes NY
Vasilieos Kostaras     2010                                       Transplant fellow NY Medical College
Anthony Watkins      2011                                       Assistant Professor Surg Cornell
Giri Vedula                             2011                                       Transplant Surgeon Florida, Orlando
Madison Cuffy                       2012                                       Assistant Professor  U. of Cinncinati
Arundi Mahendron   2012                                       Assistant Professor London UK
Karim Halazun                       2013                                       Assistant Professor Cornell U NY
Adam Griesemer                   2013                                       Assistant Professor Columbia NY
Soo Yi                          2014                                       Assistant Professor U of Maryland
Christine Du               2014                                       Attending Surgeon Geisinger PA
Ronald Parsons                     2015                                       Assistant Professor Emory GA
Jay Graham                2015                                       Assistant Professor Einstein NY
Tarunjeet Klair                      2016                                       Assistant Professor Univ of Texas SA
Abhishek Mathur      2016                           Attending Surgeon Ochsner clinic
Research Fellow Supervisor:
Trainee                                  Year/Institution                              Current Position
Daniel Cherqui,MD               1988/U.Chicago                    Professor of Surgery
Program Hópital Henri Mondor
Paris, France
Andrea Pietrabissa,MD                    1989/U.Chicago                    Staff Surgeon
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Ramesh VeeragandhamMD1990/U.Chicago                    Surgical Resident, UCSD
San Diego, CA
Richang Xia, M.D.                              1990/U.Chicago                    Surgery Resident, Columbia
University, New York, NY
Yuichi Fuku, MD                                1991/U. Chicago                   Asst. Professor of Pediatric
Surgery, Osaka University
Osaka, Jap
Yves Panis,MD                                   1992-93/UCSF                      Surgeon, Assistance Hópitaux
Publique de Paris, Paris, France
Tomonori Nakagawa,MD                 1993-95/UCSF                      Surgical Attending
                                                                                                            Sapporo University Hospital
John Renz, MD                                   1994-97                                 Faculty surgeon Columbia
Takashi Omura, MD              1994-96, UCSF                      Director, Surgical Research
Sapporo University
Guellue Cataldeghirman                  1998-01                                 Surgical Attending: liver
                                                                                                            University of Hamburg
Michael Goldstein                              2000-01                                 Assistant professor, Cornell U.
James Guarrera                                 2001-02                                 Assistant Professor,  Columbia
Niccalesh Iggapunta             2002-03                                 Research fellow
Michael Brubaker                             2009-10                                 Medical Student Univ E Carolina
Jonah Zaretsky                                   2009-2011                            Medical Student Einstein NY
Teaching Columbia P&S:
Associate director of surgical education                 1998- 2000
Medical student clerkship director             1998-2000
Other Professional Activities:
Community Outreach & Public Service:
American Liver Foundation-Medical Advisory Board, 1987-90.
C.L.A.S.S. (Children’s Liver Association Support Services)
Medical Advisory Board, 1996-present
CTDN-Hispanic Media & Professionals-speaker, 1994-present
Coroners’ Clinical Pathologists- Speaker, Merced, CA.
Donor Council (CTDN)-speaker
Operation Kinder-Medical Advisory Board, 1993-present
Ronald McDonald House Advisory Board-San Francisco, CA 1992-present
TRIO member, 1992-present
United Liver Foundation-Medical Advisory Board, 1992-1994
UNOS International Ad Hoc Committee, 1990-1992.
Against All Odds (Cancer Patient Advocacy)  Advisory Board  1999-
TRIO international board member 1999-2001.
Symposium moderator/organizer: Hepatitis C Health effects on the Latino Community     La Salud Hispanica.  May 2001.
Professional Committees
ASTS: President 2017
ASTS Bylaws Cmte Chair 2009-12
ASTS Councillor 2012-2015
Co-Chair:    Executive Transplant Committee Columbia Presbyterian and New York Cornell 1998-present
Scientific Studies Committee-American Society of Transplant Surgeons,
AASLD Practice Guidelines Committee.   Jan 1998-1999.
UNOS liver subcommittee, Region 9 representative 1999-2001
Committee on Organ Procurement Chair:
American Society of Transplant Surgeons,  2000-03.
New York Organ Donor Network  Vice-chair Medical Board 2001-
AASLD Liver transplantation and Hepatology Committee 2002-
UNOS region 9 associate councilor/Councilor elect 2004-06.
New York Organ Donor Network  Vice-chair Medical Board 2001-
UNOS Membership and professional standards 2004-06.
New York Organ Donor Network  Vice Chair 2007-2009.
Chair Governance Committee 2005-7
American Surgical Association: Membership committee 2006-09.
UNOS Councillor Region 9 2006-2008.
UNOS Board of Directors 2006-2008
UNOS Board of Directors, Nominations Committee 2006
New York Organ Donor Network  Vice Chair 2008-2012.
ASTS Bylaws Cmte Chair 2009-12
ASTS Councillor 2012-2015
ILTS Publications committee 2015-
AASLD SIG Liver Transplantation Chair 2014-2017
Deputy Editor:
Transplantation July 2015-
Journal Editorial Boards
Advances in Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Clinical Nutrition-Section Editor 1995-1997.
Clinical Transplantation-Section Editor, 1996-present
World J. of Surgery Editorial Board 1998-2010
Contemporary Surgery 1999-
Liver Transplantation 1999-
Transplantation 2001-2015
Journal Review (Ad Hoc)
Annals of Surgery
Gastroenterology, 1988-present
Hepatology, 1989-present
Cambridge Quarterly of Medical Ethics 1996-present
JAMA, 1988-present
Journal of the American College of Surgeons
Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 1990-present
Journal of Surgical Research, 1987-present
Liver Transplantation and Surgery, 1993-present
Transplantation, 1990-present
Archives of Surgery, 1995-present
American Journal of Transplantation 2001-present
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