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Professor Daniel Shouval, M.D.


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Daniel Shouval, M.D.

Dr. Daniel Shouval has studied at the University of Basel, Switzerland and is a

graduate of the Hadassah–Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem

Israel. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Hadassah, he

attended the British Council Course on liver diseases mentored by the late

Dame Sheila Sherlock and Pter Scheuer(1978). In 1979, Dr. Shouval became

the recipient of US National Institute of Health Fogarty International

Fellowship . He was trained in Cell Biology, Immunology, and Molecular

Biology at the Liver Research Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in

New York (1979-1981) , and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

(I987). His main research interests and publications include Biology of and

immune response to hepatitis B and A virus infection and liver tumors. Dr

Shouval has been involved in the development of several vaccines and antiviral

agents against viral hepatitis B ,C and A. In recent years his main efforts

are focused on developing a third generation Pre-S/S hepatitis B vaccine;

intervention in persistent hepatitis B infection, prevention of hepatitis B

infection in liver transplant recipients, adoptive transfer of immunity against

hepatitis B and pre/post-exposure prophylaxis against hepatitis A. Dr. Shouval

is the author/co-author of >250 publications, Editorials in leading Hepatology

journals and chapters in books.

Dr. Shouval is Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the Hebrew University and

Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem and former Dean of the Faculty of

Medicine. He was a visiting Professor at the Albert Einstein College of

Medicine in New York and had similar positions at the Harvard Medical

School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA (1987-88) and at

the Liver Transplantation Center, Paul Brousse hospital, the University of Paris,

France (1998-99). Prof. Shouval served as President of the European

Association for the Study of the Liver in 1996/7; he is the recipient of EASL’s

Recognition Award and nomination to EASL’s hall of fame and recently served

as EASL honorary president(2016). Between 1998-2002 he was Chairman of

the Educational Committee of EASL. He served in a number of editorial boards

in hepatology journals and was the founding editor of the FOCUS section in

the Journal of Hepatology. Dr Shouval is a standing adviser to the European

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board and the World Health Organization.