Compagnon depuis 2005

  1. National Cancer Institute – INCA
  2. PhD in Oncology from the Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA) – 2010
  3. Master in General Abdominal Surgery HUCFF – UFRJ – 2004
  4. MBMA in Business Management – 2005
  5. Author of the « Manual of Oncologic Surgery » – 2006
  6. Co-Author of the book « Surgery of the Hepatobiliary Cancer » – 2003
  7. Full member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons (TCBC)
  8. Founding Member and Former President of the biennium 2012-2013 of the Brazilian Chapter of the International Hepato Pancreato Biliary Association (CB-IHPBA)
  9. Full Member of the Brazilian Society of Oncologic Surgery (SBCO)
  10. Full Member of the Liver Group of Rio de Janeiro
  11. Member of the Association of Former Residents of INCA (AERINCA)
  12. Member of the Brazilian Melanoma Group
  13. Honored with the Motion of Praise and Congratulations of the City Council and Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (1996 and 2001)
  14. Specialized in Videolaparoscopic Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Sud and Autosuture Europe – 1998
  15. Specialized in Hepato-Biliary Surgery by the Hepato-Biliary Center of the Paul Brousse University Hospital, Medical School of Paris-Sud – 1998
  16. Specialized in Cancerology, in the area of ​​Oncologic Surgery by the Brazilian Society of Cancerology – Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) – 2001
  17. Medical Residency in Oncologic Surgery by the National Cancer Institute 1998-2001
  18. Visitor Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA – 1996
  19. Medical Residence in General Surgery – 15th Infirmary of Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Rio de Janeiro – Service of Professor José Carlos Vinhaes 1996-1997
  20. Former Resident Etranger du Collège de Medecine des Hôpitaux de Paris – 1997
  21. Graduated in Medicine from the Rio de Janeiro Estate University of Medical Sciences of UERJ – 1993